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Bronzer & Highlight

Shimmering compact powder
  • Kod proizvoda: Bronzer & Highlight
  • EAN: 12 gr
  • JAN: No
  • Dostupnost: Na lageru
  • 2,875.00 RSD

    inkl. 19% MwSt

Micro fine shimmer compact powder, which feels very silky. Long-lasting makeup.


The silicone treatment of talc and mineral pigments create a hydrophobenen film, thus protecting the skin.


By fatty acids (linolenic and archidonic lonoleic) supplies the skin with moisture. Depending on the color of this product is a highlighter or bronzer. Round design with mirror 


The can not throw it away when the content is consumed, because they can be filled with a refill again.


Without fragrance and preservatives. Contains MICA.